Hatsume Fair in April This Year. Bad idea?

Hatsume Fair at Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, FL moved to April this year. Bad move. Morikami likes to hold the Japanese spring festival one week after MegaCon. But MegaCon moved to April in 2015 and Hatsume maintained their operus mondi. There was one tiny problem, Hatsume is held outdoors and temperatures hit 90°. Even though vendors are located under a tent (where it was only 85°) the artists and activities were outdoors. Attendees were wilting under the scorching sun.

Out the corner of my eye, I saw a young girl lying next to my booth with her head in her mother’s lap. Luckily I brought a battery operated fan and immediately positioned it to blow air on the girl. After giving her some bottled water she was eventually able to get up and walk. My fan was worth its weight in gold because I needed to extend that curtesy to several attendees. Here’s hoping that Morikami moves the Fair back to March in 2016.

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