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Full Title of Book: Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks; An insider’s guide for new anime vendors

Short Title of Book: Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks

Author: Jill M Lewis

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Twitter: @animevendor


Publisher: Anime Vendor

Publication Date: September 17, 2015

ISBN paperback: 978-0-9964536-0-8

ISBN ebook: 978-0-9964536-1-5

ISBN audio book: 978-0-9964536-2-2

Format/Pages: Paperback, 201 pages

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Book’s press release

Press Contact: Jill M Lewis, 856-986-4878,


Anime vendor professional Jill M Lewis empowers you to take matters into your own hands and launch your vendor business while sparing you the endless hours of google searches and research to find answers, in most cases, that don’t exist. This information-rich book steers you through every critical step from sourcing your merchandise to ultimately meeting your goal of being swamped by customers at your very first convention.


Name: Jill M Lewis

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Formal Bio: Jill Lewis is a former marketing director at several multinational consumer package goods companies. She attended Columbia University where she graduated in 1988 with a MBA. After graduation from business school, Jill learned the art of marketing and marched up the promotion ladder to become a Senior Marketing Director at several Fortune 500 companies. She strategically used her extensive global experience to grow her brands through innovation (ideation to activation), building brand equity, new business development and “white-space” exploration. Jill’s many accomplishments over twenty-five years include double digit sales growth across a variety of categories, memorable advertising, fast-moving new product introductions, and increasing profitability across each portfolio of brands she managed worth hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

For the past several years, Jill has applied her marketing knowledge to the vendor business. She knows how to identify what customers want and what motivates them to make a purchase. She’s conducted enough consumer market research studies to fill a small library. Using this knowledge she has steadily and profitably grown her vendor business. Selling to Heroes, Villains and Geeks; An insider’s guide for new anime vendors is a natural extension of the business plans she presented to Presidents and CEO’s.