Florida Supercon 2015 Report

Florida Supercon (Miami Beach, FL) was held much earlier this year. It relinquished its traditional July 4th weekend dates for the last week in June, probably to avoid being held to close to San Diego Comic-Con. Turnout was good but felt a little lighter than last year. The dealer room was not should-to-shoulder and there […]

METROCON 2015 Report

METROCON in Tampa, FL expanded to a 4-day event this year. Attendance appeared slightly better this year since they scheduled the dates ahead of Florida Supercon. Sales were steady, if not a bit slow, all four days but the dealer room didn’t have a lot of energy. There were a few fabulous costumes but not […]

Hatsume Fair in April This Year. Bad idea?

Hatsume Fair at Morikami Gardens in Delray Beach, FL moved to April this year. Bad move. Morikami likes to hold the Japanese spring festival one week after MegaCon. But MegaCon moved to April in 2015 and Hatsume maintained their operus mondi. There was one tiny problem, Hatsume is held outdoors and temperatures hit 90°. Even […]