Premiered in the U.S. on October 20th

Plot: In a world where giant humanoid Titans prey on humans, a young man, his foster sister and a family friend join the legion to get revenge on the monsters that killed everyone in their town.

The story is told in Japanese with English subtitles.


The titans, while less prominent in Part 2, and the actress playing Hanj Zoe were the only good parts of the second part of Attack On Titan.  Part 2 significantly deviated from the TV series storyline. And, while that would have been okay if it worked, unfortunately it didn’t.  Again, Part 2 had to compress 50% of the TV episodes into 99 minutes. But the shortcuts were ill advised. Either the writers should have adhered strictly to the TV series storyline or write a completely different plot for the movie. Sticking with the plot from the TV series while also altering major storylines in the movie resulted in a jumbled mess.

Backstories were added in Part 2 but they only added to the confusion. Eren Yeager had a brother? And, why is he so important that a character uttered this information with his dying words? Who cares? Apparently Eren didn’t because this tidbit of information was completely forgotten for the rest of the movie.

Before seeing the movie I set my expectations very low.  So watching Part 2 was actually an enjoyable experience up until the ending.  A major character’s motive did a 180 degree U-turn which was completely not credible and head-scratching.  Also, the Disney-esque ending is better left to Disney movies that don’t have giant monsters mutilating and eating people. I don’t expect a sequel or remake anytime soon since theatres showing Part 2 were scarce. No doubt this was a result of Part 1 doing poorly.

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