ATTACK ON TITAN (SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN) PART 1 Movie Review (No spoilers!!)

Premiered in the U.S. on September 30th

Plot: In a world where giant humanoid Titans prey on humans, a young man, his foster sister and a family friend join the legion to get revenge on the monsters that killed everyone in their town.

The story is told in Japanese with English subtitles.


Attack on Titan

My review (no spoilers) – The movie did an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere of fear and dread among the human population.  The depiction of the Titans was dead on. The script also allowed the audience to connect with several secondary characters by giving them very memorable personalities. Also, the secondary actors took full advantage of their limited screen time. The pace is quick but there are several moments of comedy that gives the audience a chance to catch their breath between the attacks.

Part 1 had a tall order – cram the story from 50% of the TV episodes into 99 minutes.  Did it succeed? I’ll let you be the judge. But there were some pretty big plot holes and you have to be familiar with the overall story or you’ll get completely lost. The personal relationships in the movie departed significantly from the anime series and one important character was left out of the movie.  Also, aside from the actress playing Hanj Zoe – who was excellent, the other actors were a disappointment.  The editing was a bit choppy and the camera work, at times, was disorientating. But, my sense from the audience was that they enjoyed the movie and several audience members clapped at the end of the show.

I’ll definitely be purchasing a ticket for Part 2 debuting in a couple of weeks on Oct. 20, Oct. 22, and Oct. 27.